Reliance Brands Limited Inks A Jv With Plastic Legno Spa

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Plastic Legno SPA and Reliance Brands Limited have entered into a joint venture agreement in which RBL will acquire a 40% stake in Plastic Legno SPA’s toy manufacturing business in India. RBL’s investment serves a dual purpose: it helps RBL’s toy business gain vertical integration while also diversifying the supply chain, with a long-term strategic interest in toy manufacturing in India.

“Keeping with our honourable Prime Minister’s vision of Atmanirbhar India, this
collaboration with Plastic Legno’s deep experience in world-class toy manufacturing
coupled with our strong footing in the global toy retail industry would open new doors and unparalleled opportunities for toys manufactured in India. It is imperative for RBL to build design to shelf capability for a strategic advantage over the competition and to be an accelerator in building a robust toy manufacturing ecosystem in India not only for
domestic consumption but also for global markets,”

said the spokesperson of Reliance Brands Limited.

The Sunino group, which has over 25 years of toy manufacturing experience in Europe, owns Plastic Legno SPA. The group launched its India business in 2009 in response to a need to build a strong production hub that could serve both global markets and the rapidly evolving and growing Indian market.

“We are very privileged to have RBL as a partner in this Joint Venture. We are confident
that Plastic Legno’s experience in Toys production and Hamley’s commercial outreach,
will complement one another to enable the JV Company to achieve greater heights and
successes. We have important development plans to implement, always in the spirit of
creating a cultural background in this specific sector in India. We are ready for the
challenges of the future, but when there is a group like RBL alongside, we are sure that
together we can do a great development,”

said Paolo Sunino, Co-owner, Sunino

With its portfolio of Hamleys, the British toy retailer, and homegrown toy brand – Rowan, RBL has a strong presence in the toy industry, making it one of the leading toy distributors. Hamleys is the largest toy store chain in India, with 213 locations in 15 countries.

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