Jio-bp, MG Motor and Castrol sign partnership to boost Electric Mobility in India

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MG Motor India and Castrol India are going to work with Jio-bp to find mobility solutions for electric cars. This is expected to increase the use of electric vehicles (EVs) and mobility in India. Under the terms of the partnership, Jio-bp, MG Motor, and Castrol will look into building EV charging stations for four-wheeled vehicles and expanding Castrol’s existing auto service network to serve EV customers.

The partnership is in line with Jio-bp and MG Motor’s plans to give electric car owners a large and reliable charging network and speed up the use of EVs in India. Jio-bp is building an ecosystem that will help everyone in the EV value chain, and the company built and opened two of India’s largest EV charging hubs last year. The Jio-bp pulse brand is used by the JV’s electric mobility business, which offers charging infrastructure to Indian customers. With the Jio-bp pulse app, customers can easily find charging stations near them and charge their electric vehicles without any problems.

Since its start in India, MG Motor has been committed to electric mobility with the goal of building a sustainable future. The goal of the strategic partnership is to make roads that are good for EVs for travel between and within cities. This will be done by building a strong charging and service infrastructure for EVs in the country. MG has taken many steps to strengthen the EV ecosystem, including the launch of India’s first pure electric Internet SUV, the ZS EV, which has an updated range of 461 km on a single charge.

Under the partnership, Castrol will develop and expand its existing multi-brand Auto Service network and Express Oil Change centres to start serving four-wheeled electric cars. At first, these services will be available across India at Jio-bp mobility stations and a few Castrol Auto Service shops. They will be available for both EVs and non-EVs. Also, Castrol will help set up infrastructure for charging EVs across its network of auto service centres. As the number of electric vehicles (EVs) grows, car mechanics will need to learn about the latest technologies. Castrol will use the fact that it has access to a large number of auto mechanics to offer them training and certification in EVs.

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