Tech Mahindra and Anritsu Collaborate to Establish IoT Experience Lab at Fremont

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Tech Mahindra, a leading provider of digital transformation, consulting, and business re-engineering services and solutions, has teamed up with Anritsu, a global provider of test and measurement solutions for wireline and wireless technologies used in commercial, private, military/aerospace, government, and other markets, to launch an IoT (Internet of Things) experience lab. It will be at Tech Mahindra’s facility in Fremont, California, and will help test 5G devices used in new IoT use cases. The goal of the lab is to make it easy and cheap for companies that make 5G IoT devices to test their performance. This will give companies more confidence in their products before they go on sale.

The experience lab will be both an incubator and a research and development center for IoT device makers. It will help them test their designs early in the development process and get the best IoT products on the market. The collaboration will use cases made by Tech Mahindra and simple automated smart application software from Anritsu. The software automatically runs functional, performance, stress, and regression tests and gives user-friendly reports and logs to measure device performance.

“The advances in 5G will aid the evolution of innovative use cases in IoT. While this creates new opportunities, the way the design and manufacturing engineers validate products and procedures must also keep pace with the newer capabilities. Tech Mahindra’s NXT.NOWTM strategy focuses on accelerating enterprises’ 5G adoption and this collaboration with Anritsu to start an IoT experience lab at our Fremont facility is a significant step in this direction by enabling IoT device manufacturers to deliver high-quality solutions with very less time to market”

Rohit Madhok, Global Head of Digital Engineering Services, Tech Mahindra, said.

The Anritsu Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A, the Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C, the Signalling Tester MD8475B, and the Wireless Connectivity Test Set (WLAN) MT8862A are all part of the experience lab. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can use the lab to make sure their products work as expected in different verticals, such as Industrial IoT, Telemedicine, Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Cities, and Virtual Reality (VR)

“5G brings the advantages and efficiencies of wireless technology to applications that help define the 4th Industrial Revolution. Each use case creates unique operational challenges that require specific tests. Our collaboration with Tech Mahindra provides a resource for manufacturers to cost- and time-efficiently verify that their devices will operate according to specifications in the most challenging real-world environments,”

Robert E. Johnson, Anritsu Company General Manager and Vice President, said.

This lab will save a lot of money by using Tech Mahindra’s 5G engineering skills to make IoT devices that are ready to go to market and by using Anritsu’s support in multiple technologies, such as 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA), 4G LTE, and WLAN. It helps OEMs reduce the number of possible failures and returns when devices connect to business networks. As a leader in the 5G revolution, Tech Mahindra wants to use its NXT.NOWTM framework to make the world more human-centered, digitally connected, and integrated.

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