XIMPEX – A Pragmatic And Result-Oriented Business Model To Export   

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Article Submitted By: Ms. Saumya Agnihotri 

The idea of getting exposure to something that can help us grow at a pace that matches our efficiency and drives us to a competitive and result-oriented environment is always a productive theory. But how we execute this plan in real life can be a challenge. 

At XIMPEX, we work on different levels with a team to achieve the outcome with our sequentially interdependent process and a holistic approach.   

The establishment of XIMPEX aimed to prove a pragmatic business model with the upgraded efficiency where Indian MSMEs grow and get genuine help in exporting. With all the realistic planning and systematic execution of the process, Ximpex always tries to accomplish its result-oriented target.   

Unrealistic Convention  

India is a leader among the MIGHTY-5 (MITI-V) nations, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Indonesia & Vietnam, as a potential alternative to China as the world’s biggest exporter. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted shifting preferences among manufacturers and buyers of Chinese-origin products. 

However, the pandemic has shrunk the Indian economy, and various lockdowns have halted the growth of many enterprises. It has resulted in Indian enterprises looking towards export as a suitable option for business continuity and maintaining the trade flow. 

Export and import agents dominate the foreign trade market using orthodox methods and failing to deliver a comprehensive export solution. Foreign trade service providers, on the other hand, merely provide leads. XIMPEX has been a one-stop-shop for any foreign trading needs in exports. Ximpex works as an export partner for their clients from the initial stage of creating a digital presence until they receive payment from the international buyer.   

Sumit Bhatnagar, the CEO of XIMPEX, says, “Most of the export platforms have their business models focussed on making so much out of the ‘overseas leads’ that their platform generates. A single lead is sold like commodities to multiple clients, making the conversion ratio almost negligible. The client with more resources has an obvious advantage over the smaller ones, which must be satisfied with mere interactions. “He adds, “At XIMPEX, we generate client-specific leads after establishing the client’s digital footprint; this gets them unique, fresh, and relevant leads and enables them to convert the leads while scoring the points for the first impression, at least digitally.”  

Sumit believes that the leads currently being traded in the market are nothing but a myth, a gimmick that platforms use to lure several sellers on their media merely to increase their database and eventually generate interest from investors.   

Holistic Export Service Partner with Speciality in Foreign Trade   

Though undoubtedly leads are an integral part of the export process, they cannot be the only step. GOOD leads need a professional approach. Agreement on both ends, payments have to be secured, and the materials exported to the importer, including the material inspection, packaging, and labelling. Even if a supplier has convinced an importer to buy from them, getting the material delivered can be overwhelming for a first-time exporter.  

Ximpex has four expert vertices in its operation: Digital Development, Lead Generation, International Sales, and Foreign Trade. Digital Development takes care of business Up-gradation and establishment of digital footprint through website creation and other activities. Lead generation is the second and highly complex step. 

Sumit says, “Lead generation is where we stand tall against what our clients usually get. Conventionally they receive a lead shared with over 35-300 other competitors; with XIMPEX, each client gets 35-100 exclusive leads. Our international sales experts are then responsible for converting these leads into completion, hiring experts from the country’s top colleges and those with vast experience in the field. The Foreign trade division then assists with the export and other contract drafting details, logistics, and shipping. We have a Strong International Network in countries where we have working professionals representing our Indian exporters as a part-time job or sometimes even a hobby.”   

 XIMPEX focuses on delivering holistic solutions with a solid orientation to the results. It helps us in providing personalized and cost-effective solutions to the end clients. Client success stories reflect its methods of upgrading, Promoting, Executing, and safety. 

XIMPEX has helped one of the Indian toothbrush manufacturers suffering a demand crisis in the domestic market by creating scope for export of its product in the international market. It makes exporting an option for every Indian manufacturer.  

Looking at the Future  

Sumit concludes, “We are pleased with our current growth pace and are not looking forward to a robust expansion. We started with four people in 2018 and are constantly adding new talent to our team. We also have a network of professionals in various other countries who constantly support our team and client, helping us grow India’s exports. Presently, we are not open to investor options. However, we are on a steady path of reaching 50Cr turnover, which will surely change the dynamics of our operation.”  

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