TCS OmniStore Wins Omnichannel Technology of the Year Award

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TCS OmniStore received the Omnichannel Technology of the Year award from Tata Consultancy Services for providing a seamless omnichannel consumer experience across channels.

The Retail Systems Awards honour technological innovation and performance in the retail industry. No matter when, how, or when customers choose to interact with merchants, TCS OmniStore was recognised for offering seamless, customised, and unified purchasing experiences.

TCS OmniStore expands the potential for selling and propels business growth with new capabilities like mixed baskets and the capacity to quickly sell on new touchpoints by integrating all channels and data and providing retailers with a single view of customers, transactions, orders, and inventory across channels. Additionally, merchants may drive next-generation in-store digital experiences like AR/VR and contactless technologies with Edge computing, allow voice-based purchasing with Scan and Go, and guarantee uninterrupted experiences with autonomous sensing and self-healing of IT problems.

The general merchandise, discount, specialty, fashion, restaurant, post office, telecommunications, travel, and hospitality industries are just a few of the many business sectors served by TCS OmniStore.

“We are pleased that OmniStore has been recognized as the Omnichannel Technology of the Year. Customers want to own their shopping journeys; the decision to start on one channel and finish on another has to be entirely theirs. With its unique ability to orchestrate this journey across all channels, TCS OmniStore drives exponential business growth with faster time to market of commerce capabilities,”

Shankar Narayanan, Business Group Head, Retail Cluster, TCS.

Retailers may build their own commerce platform using a variety of commerce features, including checkout anywhere and different payment and shipping alternatives, thanks to the platform’s inherent composable commerce design. Reusing existing investments and carrying out smart build vs. purchase decisions provides for a speedier time to market by minimising interruptions to crucial business operations and the IT environment.

With upselling, cross-selling, and real-time contextual personalization, retailers using TCS OmniStore have seen a 5–10% increase in sales; a 50% decrease in the average checkout time; fast scans, optimised processes, real-time promotions, and quick receipt printing; and a 20–30% decrease in labour hours with seamless operations.

TCS OmniStore lets retailers effortlessly integrate and orchestrate data throughout the retail value chain, utilizing analytics, AI, and machine learning to create exponential commercial value.

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