130 International Teams Win at the Huawei ICT Competition 2021-2022 Global Final

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On June 25, Shenzhen’s Huawei ICT Competition 2021-2022 Global Final came to an end. The sixth annual Huawei ICT Competition gathered 150,000 students from more than 2,000 universities in 85 different nations and areas of the world. The competition covered three categories: practise, innovation, and industry. This year’s finals were the biggest ever as 130 teams from 43 nations and regions competed in the global final after winning their respective national and regional tournaments.

This year’s competitors were also the first to compete for a new series of Women In Tech Awards, which were created to recognise the remarkable skill demonstrated by the Competition’s young female entrants. The Huawei TECH4ALL Digital Inclusion Initiative’s TECH4ALL Digital Inclusion Award was also given out at the awards ceremony.

the Wuhan Technical College of Communications Team, Chongqing College of Electronic Engineering Team, Nigeria Team 2, Yangtze Normal University Team, Jiangxi University of Software Professional Technology Team, Egypt Team, and Nigeria Team 1 were the seven teams that won the Grand Prize for the Network Track of the Practice Competition.

The four teams who won the Grand Prize for the Cloud Track of the Practice Competition were the Algeria Team, Malaysia Team 1, Brazil Team, and Guangzhou College of Commerce Team, while the three teams that won the Grand Prize for the Innovation Competition were the Beijing Jiaotong University Team, Xiamen University Team, and Salahaddin University Team. The Southeast University Futuristic Inspection Team ultimately took home the first prize in the industry competition.

ICT has become essential to our work and daily life, according to Xiao Haijun, President of Global Partner Development and Sales at Huawei Enterprise, who spoke at the event. The Huawei ICT Competition, one of Huawei’s major talent development projects, aims to create an environment that students all over the globe can utilise to close digital gaps and hasten the digital transformation of the world by enhancing their ICT knowledge, skills, and innovative talents.

Liu Limin, the President of the China Education Association for International Exchange, also spoke at the event on the important role the Huawei ICT Competition is playing in promoting international exchanges and cooperation. He said, “As an annual event for global university students, the Competition provides a platform for communication, promotes ICT technologies in universities, and serves as an example for cooperation between universities and the industry.”

Finally, Hervé Huot-Marchand, head of UNESCO’s section for youth, literacy, and skills development, praised Huawei for its position as a crucial partner and contributor to the organization’s Global Education Coalition, which aims to increase the digital abilities of young people all around the globe. One of the few worldwide initiatives that can link young people and foster creativity on such a big scale, enabling them to contribute and add more value to the digital society, is the Huawei ICT Competition.

Despite the ongoing epidemic, this year’s Huawei ICT Competition attracted more contestants than ever before. By forming talent partnerships, incorporating talent standards, enhancing talent capabilities, and showcasing the value of talent, Huawei wants to continue developing education, industry, and public talent ecosystems in the future. Huawei has also made plans to develop 1 million certified ICT experts by 2024 in order to raise society’s level of digital literacy. This is done to advance industrial growth, sustainable social and economic development, and scientific and technological advancement.

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