Cisco Joins Forces with GDIT to Deliver Private 5G to Government Agencies

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On Tuesday, Cisco announced the expansion of its partnership with General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT), a General Dynamics corporate arm, to provide Cisco Private 5G services to a variety of government organizations.

“Adding to our portfolio of 5G capabilities, Cisco’s Private 5G offering provides GDIT with the flexibility, security, and resiliency that is required for the government sector. This collaboration will create a force multiplier effect that addresses our agency customers’ edge computing and IoT requirements,”

said Robert C. Smallwood, Vice President of Digital Modernization and Enterprise IT Services, GDIT.

Since the 1980s, GDIT and Cisco have worked together to bring cutting-edge innovation while delivering complete IT solutions to Federal, State, and Local governments. With Cisco’s secure and dependable private 5G service, GDIT’s in-depth knowledge of use cases for government agencies, experience in cybersecurity, AI, edge computing, and IoT devices, and end-to-end customised solutions, will help each customer accomplish its intended mission results.

“This unique partnership combines the power of Cisco Private 5G with GDIT’s mission knowledge of customer 5G use-cases to provide a truly comprehensive solution that meets a diverse set of agency requirements. We’re excited to continue our relationship with GDIT and work together to extend Cisco’s Private 5G solution to the public sector,”

said Carl DeGroote, Vice President of Federal Sales, Cisco.

Cisco’s Private 5G service is based on its IoT portfolio, which includes monitoring tools and dashboards, IoT sensors and gateways, device management software, and industry-leading mobile core technology. It is simple to integrate into the current IT and OT systems, Wi-Fi, and security of government organizations, accelerating the digital transformation and uptake of IoT technologies like AI and machine learning.

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