Razorpay, Appoints Shashank Kumar as Co-founder & Managing Director

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Razorpay, India’s preferred business banking and payments platform, recently welcomed Murali Brahmadesam as its head of engineering and CTO. Murali, a seasoned professional with more than two decades of expertise, combines extensive understanding of managing various IT tasks at scale. He has worked for Amazon and Microsoft for the most of his career, holding various technological and leadership positions while living and working in India and the USA. Shashank Kumar, the co-founder of Razorpay, who formerly held the position, will now be known as the organization’s “Co-Founder & Managing Director.”

“Engineering has been the bedrock of growth for Razorpay since its inception. With over an 800-member engineering team today, we are constantly working towards solving some of the toughest challenges that businesses face today, with innovation at its core. Murali brings in-depth knowledge of managing technology functions at scale. I am excited to have him on board at a time when Razorpay is making strides into global markets and further deepening its expertise with all things business payments and business banking,”

Shashank Kumar, Co-Founder and now Managing Director, Razorpay said.

With this advancement, Shashank will continue to realise Razorpay’s long-term vision for the Engineering, Product, and GTM operations for the companies of RazorpayX and Razorpay Capital.

The CTO at Razorpay has a crucial role in leading the organization’s technology, engineering, and innovation initiatives and coordinating them with corporate objectives. Murali will oversee Razorpay’s overall engineering strategy and development as well as the phenomenal expansion of Razorpay Engineering when he assumes leadership.

“Razorpay has been at the forefront of inventing breakthrough products in business payment and banking that are being relied upon by millions of diverse businesses. I look forward to working with the team and joining Razorpay’s mission to build the central nervous system for fintech in India,”

Excited to join the Razorpay team, Murali Brahmadesam, Chief Technology Officer at Razorpay said.

Razorpay is one of India’s most valuable Fintech companies, with an unrivalled staff of 2300 employees. Murali’s hiring coincides with Razorpay’s efforts to strengthen its technological skills in order to create cutting-edge solutions that are diverse, inclusive, and secure by design.

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