Tech Mahindra Launches “Synergy Lounge” with IBM and Red Hat to Accelerate Digital Transformation for Enterprises

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The Synergy Lounges were built in partnership with IBM and Red Hat, the top provider of open source solutions in the world, and launched on Wednesday by Tech Mahindra, a major provider of digital transformation, consultancy, and business re-engineering services and solutions. With a focus on edge, 5G, and software defined networking technologies and the goal of accelerating organisations’ transition to hybrid clouds internationally, the first Synergy Lounge launched today in Bengaluru. Following the opening of Synergy Lounge at Tech Mahindra Electronic City’s Bengaluru office, three other locations will open in London (UK area), Seattle (USA region), and Melbourne (ANZ region).

“As digital transformation becomes the norm for enterprises across the globe, Tech Mahindra aims to empower its customers with innovative technologies and services to help them re-imagine their digital transformation journey. Synergy Lounge solidifies the strategic collaboration between Tech Mahindra, IBM, and Red Hat and will act as a technology powerhouse to enable enterprises to address complex business challenges while also improving agility and enhancing customer experiences by leveraging hybrid cloud solutions,”

Jagdish Mitra, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Growth, Tech Mahindra, said.

Built on the Hex-I idea, Synergy Lounges will integrate hybrid cloud and AI technologies from IBM and Red Hat with Tech Mahindra’s design thinking methodology and solution concept. Through these centres, businesses will be able to improve customer experiences, address complex business problems, reduce operational costs, and scale workforce efficiency in important industry sectors like telecommunications, manufacturing, business and financial services, healthcare, energy, and utilities, among others.

“This additional collaboration with Tech Mahindra helps illustrate the value that Red Hat OpenShift and IBM’s edge, 5G and networking software can bring to clients to help accelerate their digital transformation. Through the Synergy Lounges, industry experts from Tech Mahindra will bring together Red Hat and IBM’s hybrid cloud and AI technology to develop new use cases and applications from cloud to the wirelessly connected network edge to solve real world problems supported by the valuable abstraction layer Red Hat provides,”

said Andrew Coward, General Manager of Software Defined Networking, IBM.

The goal of Tech Mahindra & IBM Synergy Lounge is to support innovation for businesses, developers, and start-ups worldwide by providing a comprehensive suite of solutions based on technologies like IBM Cloud, 5G and software defined networking, Edge Computing, AI-powered automation, and cybersecurity. The Synergy Lounge will collaborate with Tech Mahindra’s Centers of Excellence for a variety of industry sectors, such as CME, Automotive, and Manufacturing.

“As organizations continue to transform their cloud environments, they must rely on a diverse ecosystem of partners and supporting technologies to achieve the necessary speed, efficiency and scale. By collaborating with Tech Mahindra and IBM to develop end-to-end hybrid cloud offerings through the Synergy Lounge, we are able to help organizations better navigate the complexities of cloud transformation and streamline the path to business value,”

Stefanie Chiras, Senior Vice President, Partner Ecosystem Success, Red Hat, said.

Additionally, these innovation centres will be geographically networked, offering a global technological infrastructure and software environment for the creation and demonstration of novel solutions. These will be combined solutions combining IBM and Red Hat technology and matched with Tech Mahindra’s business goals across a variety of industries, including telecommunications, manufacturing, and the financial services industry.

This partnership is in keeping with Tech Mahindra’s NXT.NOWTM framework, which focuses on investing in cutting-edge technologies and solutions that allow digital transformation and satisfy the changing demands of the consumer and aspires to improve the “Human Centric Experience.”

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