The story of a Sanatani Scientist, the free graphene man, YKT’s Co-founder, Rajnish Devraj Sharma

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Today we are here with a story of man who rose to success ladder, experienced the every step of the corporate hierarchy, explored every department a company can have, became a turnaround specialist and the free graphene man, made huge revenues, lost his dearest relationships to the pandemic, lost the track of life and came back as a winner. 

The story of ‘The Free Graphene Man’, Co-founder and CTO of Yoi Kokoro Technnologies, Mr. Rajnish Devraj Sharma’s story tells us how a man can turn around his grief into an obsession to make the world actually a better place to live. 

An engineer by education, a businessman by luck and a nanotechnology scientist by choice and fate, Rajnish Devraj Sharma has more than 537 inventions on his name. He has developed products that can revolutionize the way we live and survive the Bills. 

His breakthrough discoveries have been helping people efficiently manage crucial resources like petrol and food. An ardent believer of Sanatani Science, Rajnish Devraj Sharma lives in Faridabad with his daughter Sumati Sharma (Director of YKT technologies) and says research is his niche.

His primary product is Fuelsaver. YKT Fuelsaver is an environment friendly product that saves upto 30% fuel consumption, reduces polluting emissions and keeps the vehicles healthy, finally leading to save money, protect resources and conserve the environment.

Please tell us something about yourself.

I’m an engineer by education. I started as a graduate engineer trainee in a company called Escort tractors and rose up to general manager level in the same firm. And did 20 years of service working in all departments and after that I became a turnaround specialist. In the process I had post graduated from IIT Delhi in the field of management and systems. I also did a lot of extensive research in the field of flexible systems methodology. I did around five startups in the last seven years. I’m a failure expert.

People struggle for success in life. I enjoy failures. I learn from them.

Please tell us something about YKT. What is YKT? What is the idea behind the name? And how does YKT work?

Telling the story of name of YKT, he says, ‘YKT means Yoi Kokoro Technologies. Yoi Kokoro is a Japanese word. Smilingly says, So the sanatan scientist looks upto Japanese culture, japanese science. The Japanese science has learnt out of Buddhism and Buddhism has learnt a lot out of sanatan scientists.

Talking about his daughter, the proud father told us that the company’s name was suggested by his daughter. I take help from my daughter Sumati Sharma. She has picked up this word for me and manages most of my businesses and I’m employed to her. (Laughs)

One day Sumati came up with the name ‘Yoi Kokoro’. I asked her what does it mean? She said, it is you… it means the balance of soul, mind and body with the energy. My daughter says that my technologies are trying to bring peace amongst people and in the planet system. Convinced from her idea, we took up the name.

YKT runs on a three word theme that is SAVE, PROTECT, and CONSERVE.  Our purpose is to save money, protect the resources and conserve environment by using things wisely with the help of nanotechnology. 

All our technologies are made based on our theme. Every solution that YKT gives helps in saving money. I believe that if i help my customer save money, he will remain loyal to YKT. The second thing is to protect our customer’s equipments… either it will protect a house or a laptop or an engine or customer’s health. And finally, 100% of our ideas helps to conserve the environment.

So, everything that we do, will save money, will protect the customer’s equipment and interests and will also protect the environment, the planet, the Galaxy at last. 

Save, Protect and Conserve insures Yoi Kokoro which means it ensures a balance of every energy around us. Yoi Kokoro today creates savers. It’s monogram convicts of red fonts. YKT’s red color indicates our principles that are based on Life Energy.

YKT is the savior of humanity. It will play the role of savior of mankind. We have things like fuel saver, food saver, battery saver, power saver, engine saver, life saver. I can go on with the list of products.

What actually inspired you to enter the business world? Was there any moment or it was a period of time when you realized that you want to enter the world of business?

This story was germinated in 2014, I was doing a job with a company that was in heavy fabrication. In 2014, My boss started a new company in collaboration with a scientist. But, being too busy with other projects, the two were not able to focus on the new firm that led me to play the role of a representative of my boss to run that joint venture. I took the charge of this company while also working for the main firm.

Over a period of time I realized that to run that company, I had to behave like a 24 x 7 entrepreneur. I was sitting in the same office running two companies. One, as a senior employee of a multi billion dollar company and other, as an appointed entrepreneur of the additional firm that was focused on nano-technology.

Playing two contrasting roles has its own complexity and for handling a nanotechnology venture i needed a very different approach. I played this double role for two years trying to think like an employee and actually act like an entrepreneur. Things were going good and i must confess that my values have helped me to survive for those two years.

Then a day came, when one of my mentors typed ‘Graphene UK’ on Google and he reached to my site that was ranking on number one that time. He fled the way to bangalore to meet me. Sawing my dilemma, he said ‘Rajnish Sharma, You have to either be an employee or you have to be an entrepreneur. Come out of this double role. You cannot play these double roles whole life. You are born to be an entrepreneur, not an employee.’

And then in 2017, my boss took a decision to shift out of Indian business and he bid me a goodbye. Now, I had two options. One was to go with him as an employee and enjoy a lavish life in Dubai and another was the road that today i am walking upon. 

I chose this difficult path of Nanotechnology and left the comforts of corporate. This is how, in 2017, I started alone as an entrepreneur. The fist problem I faced was that the staff from my past company joined me in my new venture and now it was not just about me, I needed to also make sure that their lives run properly. And by god’s grace, things are good with us.

So, in nutshell, I can say that I became entrepreneur by forces. The Destiny wanted me to behave like an entrepreneur otherwise like 99% of the corporate employees in the country, I would also have been living a very peaceful life with the comforts of corporate.

What are the obstacles you faced throughout this journey?

I started my journey 2013 onwards and faced many challenges but last two years were very challenging. A lot of things has happened in these two years. I was running my business in Bangalore and Covid striked. I lost my Father and Wife to the pandemic in a span of just five days. I had to shift to Faridabad and got stranded here. Operating a firm from here is a task while my entire works and people are based in Bangalore. This could have been better had I been in Bangalore.

A big problem that I faced is handling business on digital level. You can imagine that research experiments are happening in Bangalore and I have to pass on my entire thought process to my team round the clock. And there are safety hazards in doing them. Thankfully, We have automated our entire business on cloud. 

The next obstacle in last nine years of my work in nanotechnology has been finding the right people. A researcher doesn’t want to create end products. People who are good engineers don’t want to understand research. So we followed a methodology of SETCA (Science, Engineering,Technology, Commerce and Arts). The approach is to have a person having interest in all five areas even if they specialise in one niche area.

But our biggest challenge is to tackle greed of people in the entire value chain. People want to become millionaires and billionaires over night. And many of them go to the heights of stealing the ideas. I’ve approximately lost 350 GB of knowledge in the form of information in my entire nine years. That’s a lot of work! 

They don’t understand that they can steal the technology but not my mind. The way I reached to those ideas can not be stolen. (smiles)

What are your future plans with YKT?

My niche is research. I’ll stay with it and spend my energies more in researching. I want to let people create value and businesses for themselves. YKT will focus on creating new products and new technologies. We have planned that we will upgrade our technology every six to seven months. We are now going to increase the pace of technology development through regularly disrupting our technologies. I am also working on nanomedicine and will soon come up with a great product that will help people deal with diseases. 

Devastated after the death of his father and wife in the span of just 5 days in the Covid times, Mr. Sharma took a turn to Nano Medicine, and Talking about his take on Nano Medicine, he says, ‘Nanomedicine will become a complete industry one day. It will prevent 80% of the patients from reaching hospitals. There will be something called a Healing center or Wellness center very soon and you would not need hospitals.’

Here were the excerpts of the conversation we had with YKT’s CTO, Mr. Rajnish Devraj Sharma. Let us tell you that he is also known as The Free Graphene man. To know his full story, watch him sharing it all:

Some Snippets where Mr. Rajnish Devraj Sharma spoke:

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