An Authentic Initiative To Export The Best Quality Tools Worldwide!  

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What best represents INDUSTRIAL PARTNER’s working methodology is to work with a system that provides an integrated supply of tools with longevity and all the qualities that makes them outstanding as per your need.  

With an expansion to our company, the brand “PRIDE TOOLS” stands still when suggesting a versatile set of tools for all the rough and tough requirements. We can concentrate on exporting elite professional tools because of our broad internal design skills and in-depth providing empirical. 

We are an India-based company that exports industrial Knives, hand tools, garden tools, lubricating equipment, and spare parts for the agricultural sector. We globally operate and offer services to businesses. We at Industrial Partner focus on practical methods and approaches to be effective for our customers. We consider the sky as our limit with the exposure we believe in and work with. Talking about the vast expansion and our experience, we have 200+ SKU with coordination of 50+ international customers and relations. We have covered many industries with our services, dealing with 25+ nations worldwide.  


We established “Industrial Partner” to offer our customers top-quality products supported with technical guidance and solutions at every level of the process through Pride Tools, a specialized division of our business that focuses on exporting top-notch professional tools. Thanks to our team’s extensive knowledge and in-depth industry experience, our customers can rely on a reputable company for their needs!   

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Mr. Rajeev Laul, CEO, Industrial Partner

Industrial Partner’s CEO, Rajeev Laul, proclaims:  

“The company’s goal is to raise client output levels by giving them high-performing, long-lasting products that can help them ease their operations. We direct our efforts to guarantee that we offer products that meet the highest standards and take pride in our quality, creativity, and innovative ideas.” He continues, “As a customer, one should only anticipate the best from Industrial Partner. At Industrial Partner, we export machine knives and industrial blades used in the paper, recycling, wood, and metal cutting industries; we also export hand tools, garden tools, v belt pulleys, and industrial gears. In addition, we assist our customers in sourcing industrial goods from India. Our outstanding team of professionals understands that every business has specific requirements, and we help our customers by providing the best product for their needs. Whatever your industrial need, we can partner with you!”   


Our team is focused on pinpointing your unique requirements so that we can provide you with creative, cost-effective solutions that support your operational objectives. Whether you require an over-the-counter product from our extensive product line or a bespoke solution created just for your needs, we can work with you.   


Our commitment to efficiency has allowed us to gain the respect and trust of our customers by providing them with goods of unmatched quality, longevity, and total value. We take pleasure in our work and carefully engineer every product at our facilities.   

We believe in the significance of building a relationship with customers even after our services are rendered. We believe that maintaining a positive relationship with our customers is crucial to running a successful and moral business.  


Our product portfolio includes hand tools, garden tools, lubrication tools, industrial machine knives, and replacement components for the agricultural sector.   

Industrial Partner has been exporting top-notch, specialized professional products for over fifteen years. Our products have the most challenging, resilient materials for remarkable performance and exceptional lifespan. We direct our efforts to guarantee that we offer products that meet the highest standards and take pride in our ideals of quality, creativity, and innovation.  


Industrial Partner takes pleasure in offering tools produced from the world’s best materials that work effectively and are feasible.

Rajeev concludes, “We work hard to get all of our products to you as quickly as possible, ensuring you have the right items at the right time. We always make sure things are delivered to you on time!”  

Our hallmarks are accuracy and precision. We have pursued and will continue to strive for greatness. We ensure that everything we do reflects our principles, providing high-performance products or excellent customer service.

The holy grail of business is client satisfaction. Once you have it, it appears to have the ability to unlock all the keys to success. We have always aimed to deliver faultless service and anticipate continuing to do so in the future. 

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