Women’s Equality and Gender Equality – Views that Matter

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UNICEF on Gender Equality says that ‘Every child deserves to reach her or his full potential, but gender inequalities in their lives and in the lives of those who care for them hinder this reality.’ 

The idea might have germinated in the hearts of many women in the last or previous centuries but the backstory behind this special day is related to the revolution that happened in the United States.

We met some people in this regard and asked them for their views on not just women’s equality but also gender equality. And what they said is a real deal. Please see what they said:

The co-founder of Terra Health, Sanjeev Shukla says about women’s equality and Gender Equality, ‘The discussion on Equality is a sham. Who is giving equality to whom? Women don’t need certificates from anyone. Everyone is Equal. This trend of hyper or almost men-like Feminism is almost a self-goal and throws up various ugly things.’ 

He continues, ‘Men being trapped & duped. Laws of Molestation, Outraging Modesty, etc are being misused. A woman slapping a poor cab driver 17 times or the absolutely obscene incident recently with security guards, are outlying incidents but malign the entire community and give ammunition to the patriarchal mindset.’ Couldn’t have come at better times, per 1000 there are more women than men. So, the world is changing for the better 😊

Women folk has incomparably higher Wisdom, Resilience & Perseverance. They don’t need Certification or Sympathy. 

Sanjeev Shukla, Co-founder, Terra Health

‘The thought of claim or preference to gender equality, within the political or cultural or religious setting, is a sign of inferiority whereas, in today’s world, women do not need any empathy. They are already empowered and showed us what they can be on many occasions already.’  said Deekshith Vara Prasad, founder of Gurgaon-based Air Purifiers firm, AirOK.

‘Women don’t need to compare themselves with anyone to prove their efficiency. All individuals’ basic psychological need is to have the liberty to grow in their lives and professions and receive recognition & money but women and people belonging to the third gender were, for a very long time, abstained from choosing what they want to do. Now the time is changing and that is something good.’  says a Video Creator, Gurpreet Kaur.

A Noida-based Private Equity Analyst and Investment banker, Ruby Gupta says Women, since early childhood, primarily in India are not permitted to live their own lives according to their own will and wishes. Before marriage, they must consult their father or brother for everything, and after marriage, they must consult their husband. Why is this biased against women? We live in a world of hypocrisy that defines the types of work that women can and cannot perform, but there is nothing like that.’

A bit disappointed, She continues, ‘Why is this the case, and society doesn’t need to normalize things in a  normal way and women?  If we look at the Indian economy, women do not make a significant contribution to per  capita income.’ 

Given the statistical data, Ruby concluded, ‘According to a McKinsey Global Institute analysis, India’s GDP might increase by 770 billion US dollars by 2025 simply by providing equal opportunity for men and women. However, women continue to contribute 18% of the GDP at the moment. In addition, while there have been a few women leaders who have campaigned for significant change in the world, there is still more work to be done.’

Delhi-based Voice-over Artist, Kirti Dua Sharma says, ‘The status of women is not equal, it is far above equality.’ Meanwhile her Content writer friend, Sarita Singh says, ‘Fighting for gender equality is a battle for all people, not just women.’

The Mumbai-based Architect and lecturer, Ankita Shukla also shared her views and said, ‘ Women’s equality has always been a subject of prejudice! Astonishment lies in the thought itself. Why is women’s equality always a subject to question or reasoning? Equality as an individual term is something that every living breathing organism deserves. And should not be put to debate by anyone! Then why so for women? Isn’t it funny that despite the performance and contributions to world advancements we are still subjected to the debate on whether or not women’s equality can be witnessed in the world around us!’

Women aren’t fighting for equality to do the extraordinary! Women are extraordinary themselves.

Ankita Shukla, Mumbai-based Architect and lecturer

‘From making families rags to riches to sacrificing their lives and happiness for the other genders and age groups around them, we have done it all! And how well! The achievements of the world are proof to answer this never-ending debate. The reason behind the need and fight for a ‘just’ society is to expect security, safety, and a fearless environment to progress in the right place in life.’, concluded Ankita Shukla.

The majority of respondents believe that women are innately empowered beings and the comparison is not needed. Some believes that Women’s Equality reflects the psychology where we generalized the deep rooted habit of comparing the different genders whereas for others gender equality is a need to create a better place for every gender.

We Hope, you got a good view of what general Indians think about women’s equality and Gender equality. You are welcome to share your opinions, do comment and let us know what you think about women’s equality and Gender equality.

Note: Opinions expressed are solely the authors’ and do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of the Marg News

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