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Submitted by: Vinay Kaila

Air pollution is something easily can be misunderstood by many people the only reason is it is invisible. water is something visible and even a particle floating over surfaces will make us not to drink and raises sanity issues, but just imagine how many times have you had to breathe vehicle fumes, construction site dust particles, particles arises while our offices or home cleaning. I’m sure many times even we don’t remember it

The respiratory system is a biological system consisting of specific organs and structures used for gas exchange and it isn’t designed to deal with fine particulates and other pollutants. Unlike other organs it can’t discharge unwanted wastes. The respiratory system cannot do something similar and pollutants get accumulated inside the lungs. The smallest pollutants like PM1.0 and gases are distributed through blood even to the brain.

^once particles are inside us, they are stuck around the walls because of the fluids. Here is an example of an adult male who was a non-smoker, and his lungs are black because of the indoor and ambient pollution

Air is the most important element because without it you only have 3 minutes to live. You literally remove years from your life when pollution is inhaled.

What’s AirOK solving?

Let’s face it: Air Pollution is real concern in our country. 

The problem is real – simple activity of googling “air pollution in India”, top polluted city in world would make us aware of the intensity of the issue

“Prevention is better than cure” Remember those old days and still recent pandemic thought us how important to be vaccinated, which gave us confidence to face real world without fear, similar way AirOK is dealing with invisible killer by tackling them every minute and every form

In one sentence AirOK is acting as protective cover and filter for your lungs from outside capturing major harmful parameters continuously.

AirOK filters are custom designed to remove different pollutants from Air, designed to allow maximum air flow and filtration effectiveness. The rest of unit is designed around the filters.

Way forward?

AirOK believes Clean Air is mandatory and everyone minimum right, with its campaign Claim your right to clean Air, aiming to reach major audience and make it big from this season as its reach in B2B segment started making profits want to expand to B2C and reach every home and provide clean air as an initiation to build this activity AirOK came forward for crowd funding campaign in Tykeinvest.

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